On the basis of valuable academic staff in our department  and equipped students laboratories we have, through our  curriculum which is updated parallel to today’s technology, providing a quality education to students of entering our department is our primary goal.  Throughout university life of our students will spend in our department, acquired education by theoretically in lessons and experimantally in laboratories, for the situation regarding the physics engineering in all areas of our lives such as technology, health and daily tasks,  generating questions, bringing solutions with a practical approach to solve the problem and to gain the ability to comment is of our priorities. When students complete their education in the department and start their working lives as a useful individual to the nation, they may have gotten equipped to produce systems with minimum cost and maximum efficiency by acquired engineering qualifications. Also for students who wish to continue their graduate and doctorate education, there are well-equipped research laboratories in our department and in equipments are developing parallel to the developing technology in the same way. To protect  the timeliness of education life in our department and increase the motivation of our students in a way with our dynamic staff is our permanent goal.